Project Details

Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton, AB
Project Delivery Method:
BR2 Architecture
November 2011 – October 2013
Building size:
4.4 Acres
Discipline Leads:
Glen Tichkowsky
Mike Shankaruk

Project Summary


The EIA Fire hall provides services for the area encompassed by EIA’s various hangars, office and maintenance facilities and the airport itself. In order to facilitate larger crash rescue vehicles, additional space was required to the existing EIA fire hall. Arrow’s Mechanical team worked to design upgrades and addition to the heating and ventilation systems throughout existing and new space; specifically within the apparatus bay, heating and ventilation system additions were required, including modifications and additions to the vehicle ventilation system.

Throughout design, our team worked to reuse existing systems to facilitate the additional space they were required to serve. Minimal disruptions to operations were key to project success as the fire hall was required to remain fully operational throughout construction, so a phased approach was adopted to facilitate this and ensure minimal disruption. Given that this is secure airport space, our team had to work with airport authorities to minimal disruption and security considerations were front of mind.

Working alongside the rest of the design team, Arrow’s Civil team worked to deliver civil design requirements for the expansion of the EIA Fire Hall. Arrow’s Civil team worked to ensure that the airside component of the fire hall remain fully accessible at all times, as crews and emergency response vehicles had to enter and exit as required.

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