Emergency Response

Arrow continues to build on our hands-on experience of creating efficient designs for first-responders—a highly functional work environment and a home away from home while they are on duty. These spaces include large bays for emergency response vehicles, along with sleeping areas, living areas, and kitchens for these shift workers to stay in before they’re called to save a life.

Functionality is critical for fire stations, ambulance bays, and police stations. First-responder vehicles are larger than average vehicles—creating the first challenge of engineering—but many times, these facilities also need drive-through bays or even a hangar for a helicopter. Arrow’s experienced, multi-disciplined team effectively resolves structural, heating, plumbing, and ventilation concerns for new and existing emergency response construction being renovated.

Specialized communications equipment is another must to alert fire, EMT, and police of their community’s emergencies. Our areas of expertise include systems for stand-by and emergency power, uninterruptible power supply, and communications—sound, security, emergency call, structured voice and data cabling—as well as life safety systems (i.e., exit lighting, fire alarms, and voice communication).

We have the comfort, function, and technical areas of an emergency responder’s space completely covered.