Health Care

The health care industry has very precise needs for their spaces to ensure patients receive a high level of care. We have years of experience designing doctors’ offices, medi-centres, dental offices, and specialists’ offices in Western Canada and the Northwest Territories, so we appreciate the uniqueness of these environments. We can accommodate the specialized equipment needs each space requires in our electrical, mechanical, and structural designs to provide bright and functional spaces where staff and patients feel comfortable.

We understand how crucial it is for medical spaces to properly circulate air and provide comfortable humidity levels that keep the building clean and everyone safe.

Whenever our designs need to address unique lab requirements, we coordinate with specialized consultants to ensure enough space, structure, ventilation, and electricity are provided for the equipment needed to help patients and staff.

Patient comfort is important, and it propels us to engineer solutions for our health care buildings that provide safe, private, functional layouts which all users can enjoy.