There are a lot of “must-haves” to check off within the hospitality industry, and Arrow successfully designs the best electrical, structural, and mechanical options for its restaurant, hotel, and motel clients.

When you walk into a high-use space like a hotel in downtown Edmonton, you probably don’t notice the engineered beams enabling the lobby to be a wide-open space, uninterrupted by structural walls; the humidity challenges a pool creates within an indoor space; or the electrical needs a commercial kitchen space needs to produce hundreds of meals a day. If clients don’t notice these challenges, then we’ve done our job well. It means we’ve made it look easy to provide a homey environment where occupants can enjoy their time without noticing the high traffic of the wedding party hosting its reception in the conference space or the casual business meetings taking place in the restaurant. In fact, occupants might not even realize that the room they’re staying in is set to the perfect temperature for their tastes while their neighbour’s is is set three degrees cooler—but at Arrow, these are the details we keep in mind.

The same goes for a trendy restaurant in Kelowna or Saskatoon: we understand the demands of a high-turnover, multi-use space with precise standards of cleanliness and operational efficiency, and we recognize the possibility that each new design could become a prototype for future restaurants in the chain. At Arrow, we see these challenges as opportunities, and we rise to meet them time and time again.