Arrow has had the opportunity to design diverse, attractive retail developments from small-scale tenant improvements and stand-alone retail locations to large-scale retail centres, car dealerships, grocery stores, and big-box stores.

We appreciate the importance of brand consistency and have extensive experience working with head offices to deliver a reliable product that meets design standards. Retail locations are the flagship of any brand, so our team works to deliver products that are both functional for the retailer and welcoming for their customers while remaining true to their brand’s guidelines.

For each project, we are dedicated to ensuring the finished building is a positive representation of the brand. This includes our careful attention to detail when collaborating with out-of-country franchises. We work within branding guidelines to ensure the product is consistent while also complying with Alberta’s building codes and regulations.

When designing Commercial Retail Units that will be later transformed through tenant improvements we are aware of the variety of needs future tenants might have. We design and deliver buildings that will be highly functional and flexible so that they will be valuable to a variety of tenants. When these buildings are operational they will need to support high-traffic demands; understanding this, we incorporate long-lasting design features to ensure a reliable finished product that we are proud of for years to come.