Seniors and Supported Living

Droves of individuals are officially making their shift into retirement as the Baby Boomer generation—making up just under 30 percent of the Canadian population—reaches the 50-69 age group. The bulk of Baby Boomers won’t hit 65 for another decade but supported living facilities are already seeing increased demand, and at Arrow, we’re using our engineering expertise to help these organizations plan for the future.

Supported living includes continuing care, group homes, and assisted living facilities for seniors in all levels of care. Comfort, safety, and maintaining the dignity of occupants are key focus areas, especially in assistance-oriented spaces.

At Arrow, we understand the calculated balance of providing a home-like environment to occupants in a health-care facility. There is a need to design for a multitude of spaces—recreational rooms, libraries, gyms, cafeterias/restaurants, administrative offices, and visitor/resident gathering spaces—while also facilitating privacy in a health-conscious atmosphere.

The size of the organization or its building is not a factor for Arrow. We have worked with large-scale organizations like Points West Living and Covenant Health and provided the necessary engineering support each has requested.