ATCO Gas Northwest Facility

Mechanical Engineering | Geothermal Systems

ATCO Gas Northwest Facility
55,000 SF (5,108 SM)
Bennett Architect Inc.

Project Relevance

The ATCO Gas project demonstrates the experience, skills, and progressive technological capabilities of our Mechanical design team.

The facility is a multi-use building dedicated to support both the engineering and commercial activities of ATCO Gas.  The building contains a range of environments dedicated to varying specifications, including engineering and administration offices, meter calibration and testing labs, storage space, and industrial service bays.  Central to the success of the project is the utilization of natural gas based “Absorption” Heat Pumps as part of the buildings geothermal system.  This advanced technology is relatively new to North America, and the North Edmonton Operations Centre, was the largest building in Canada to use “Absorption” Heat Pumps This system results in a reduction in the amount of natural gas required to heat the building, with a corresponding reduction in the carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere.

In addition to the building being geothermal, several other advanced technologies were also incorporated. One such feature was the usage of Heat Recovery Ventilators to recapture heat from the air prior to it being expelled to the outside from the office areas. As well, Variable Frequency Drive pumps, which adjust automatically for the required varying system loads, were utilized where appropriate to reduce electrical consumption. Furthermore, a full Building Management System has been installed which will automatically “relax” all temperature and air exchange settings during vacant periods.

Project Award

Our Mechanical team was awarded the ASHRAE Region XI Technology award for their innovative conception and design of the ATCO Gas North Operations Building.

Budget and Schedule

The final mechanical construction cost was in line with the established budget and completed on schedule.

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