Mechanical Engineering

“Our goal is to make our clients look good.”–Scott Kohen, Vice President and Senior Engineer, Mechanical

A functional and reliable mechanical system is crucial for the comfort of any building. When Arrow approaches mechanical engineering projects, our goal is to create a system that is so seamless the individuals inside don’t notice it at all.

Mechanical systems are incredibly important to the long-range value and efficiency of a building. We keep this top-of-mind as we work towards providing clients and building owners a system that answers their need for cost efficiencies, manageable operating costs, and long-term functionality.

As one of our largest and longest-standing teams, the mechanical team has developed into an exceptionally tight-knit and collaborative group. We provide feasibility study, planning, design, project/construction management services for a range of project types and industries.

Mechanical Engineering Services Include:

  • Preliminary designs and conceptual plans
  • Detailed design and development
  • Documents
  • Tendering / contractor selection
  • Construction services cost estimates
  • Contracts / specifications
  • Administrating contracts (including Progress Certificates)
  • Construction overview, site meetings, observations, and quality control