Structural Engineering

“We work collaboratively to make the vision of our client come to life and are diligent in our pursuit of quality”
Gordon Vetro, Vice President and Senior Engineer, Structural

Arrow’s structural team is responsible for ensuring the strength and stability of all the designs we consult on. Each solution we provide has been thoroughly vetted and considered for how the structure will influence the overall design characteristics of the facility and the over-arching architectural objectives.

Known for holding themselves to high standards, Arrow’s structural team is focused on delivering quality every time. They ensure the client’s needs are met by engaging in clear and consistent communication. To do this, they focus heavily on being available and having genuine conversations regarding project objectives.

The structural team has a strong mix of senior leaders and more junior team members, both of which place high importance on mentorship and sharing of knowledge.

Our structural group undertakes new building designs utilizing the following structural materials:

  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Structural steel
  • Timber
  • Concrete masonry block units
  • Light gauge steel stud
  • Pre-cast concrete

Other services our structural team offers are:

  • Building condition assessments
  • Building upgrades to suit tenant improvements