Who We Are

Arrow is an Edmonton-based engineering firm specializing in relationship building for quality mechanical, structural, electrical, and civil projects. We believe that each project should start with an honest conversation, not only about timelines, budgets, and project goals, but about how we can work together to do great work. At Arrow, our people are our power, and we strive to work with like-minded teams who bring their best to the table every day.

We work hard to be your go-to for responsible and compelling engineering solutions. We believe that this industry is as challenging as it is exciting, and feel confident that investing time, energy, and innovation into our projects and people is the key to our collective success. At Arrow, we know that people are the point so we aspire to create human solutions that inspire connection.

To do this we focus on fostering Modern Thinking and Reliable Results while striving to Exceed Expectations at every turn. Our team takes pride in delivering relevant and meaningful engineering design solutions, through competitive pricing, attention to detail, and the opportunity to work with a friendly and accomplished staff.

Our team is guided by five core values:

TEAMWORK: We work together as a team, with clients and colleagues, always employing principles of fairness and respect.

INTEGRITY: We stand behind our work, our colleagues, and our clients, and are both responsible and accountable for our actions.

SERVICE: We are dedicated to delivering unsurpassed quality and service within the communities we serve.

INNOVATION: We promote creativity and flexibility in our approach to delivering effective solutions.

GROWTH: We embrace opportunities for strategic, sustainable growth and lifelong learning.