President's Message

At Arrow Engineering, our mission is simple: to do great work with great people.

We believe that before we engineer projects we need to get to know the people we are working with, understand their needs, how they will use their product, and how we can help deliver exactly what they need.

As a team we focus on hiring and inspiring great engineers in their pursuit of excellence. This means creating a culture that supports innovation, mentorship, and fun. With over 80 staff working on a diverse range of projects across Western Canada, Ontario, and the North we have the ability to draw from a vast array of experiences.

It gives us great pride to be able to provide a high level of transparency and genuine connection for our clients. It keeps us accountable to their needs and pushes us to be perseverant when we face challenges along the way. At Arrow, we do our best work when we are collaborating with our clients for great results.
Our promises to our clients are simple:

  • If you call us, we’ll answer, and if we’re busy we’ll get back to you the next day
  • We’re after straightforward solutions that are easy to implement
  • We will put our time, energy, and expertise into your project

As we continue to grow we will embrace change along the way and pursue success. We’re certain that when we work together, we cannot only achieve, but exceed our respective goals.

Greg Burghardt PEng, MBA
President & CEO, Arrow Engineering Inc.