When designing for an industrial space, Arrow understands its clients’ needs and that they use their buildings in very different ways. One design could never meet the prerequisites of every company we work with. Arrow’s diverse clients make each project a new and exciting challenge that our engineers are eager to take on with fresh ideas and solutions.

For example, a heavy manufacturing equipment company requested Arrow help design its factory for an assembly line production set-up that required substantial mechanical hookups. This meant Arrow needed to work closely with manufacturers of this specialized equipment to properly design the appropriate mechanical and electrical connections but also be aware of the important ventilation needs of the space due to vehicle exhaust from delivery trucks.

Within warehouses, industrial shops, and manufacturing or processing facilities, Arrow carefully considers the equipment layout for optimal employee efficiency. Planning and researching a wide-open space to include shipping bays, offices, and storage for shipping or oilfield equipment is something Arrow is adept at doing on a regular basis for our clients.