Recreation and Entertainment

A community comes together at its main recreation centre. It becomes the hub of a neighbourhood where families swim, skate, or watch their children play soccer. It’s a place of great pride where members challenge their fitness goals, but also connect with others for holiday events and local craft festivals.

Arrow understands and meets the needs of large recreation centres along with their demanding engineering requirements—swimming pool, curling rink, fitness studio, indoor soccer field with room for spectators, and even some private offices—all under one roof.

Our electrical engineering expertise lends itself well to these projects as we have extensive knowledge working with lighting controls, power distribution, energy efficiency and sustainability, stand-by and emergency power systems, fire alarms, voice communication, and security.

Beyond large recreation centres, Arrow’s professional team helps with consultation and engineering for a multitude of other recreation and entertainment facilities including stand-alone fitness studios, golf courses, casinos, theatres, opera halls, and music venues. We design buildings with families, music enthusiasts, and sports fans in mind by creating welcoming, safe, modern, and inclusive spaces.