Integrated Project Delivery

“IPD takes Arrow’s already collaborative approach to the next level.”

– Glen Tichkowsky, engineer and project manager, mechanical

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a unique and highly collaborative approach to construction that is gaining traction in Canada, transforming the industry and the standard by which we deliver projects. Unlike traditional approaches, IPD starts by bringing all project partners together for a collaborative planning phase. By having owners, designers, architects, engineers, and contractors involved from the outset, each specialist can offer their expertise and together the team can determine the best cost-saving measures and timelines that will deliver the highest-quality product.

Early coordination almost always eliminates costly change orders and ensures that the entire team has a clear understanding of the overall project goals. This results in a final product that answers each owner’s unique needs. An added incentive of IPD is shared risk and shared reward. The entire project team must be heavily invested and all working together in order to achieve a successful outcome.

At Arrow, we are eager to stay ahead of the curve, and have always placed a high priority on working collaboratively, so adding IPD to our service offering was a natural evolution from our already team-focused approach. We have proudly been working side-by-side with owners to deliver IPD projects since 2014. We are a proud member of the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance (IPDA), a not-for-profit action-oriented alliance of like-minded companies coming together to create solid foundations for collective success. IPDA explores and supports emergent practices demonstrating enhanced industry outcomes and provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge. An IPDA membership puts us on the cutting edge of our industry.

With four disciplines in-house, we are accustomed to high levels of in-person collaboration. We bring this mentality and focus on open communication with us to every IPD project we are a part of.